Running the taNdem simulation model

There are alternate ways to run the simulation model. The methods go from easiest but less configurable to the most configurable options. The simulation package requires:

Running by configuration files

It is possible to run the agent simulation with the help of a runner utility that makes use of a configuration file that sets various parameters. The input configuration is given in the simplejson format, and provides output in the simplejson format.

Each configuration file the parameters to be varied in the given simulation series. To run, use:

python config_file output_file

Example configuration file:

"description": "Example file"
, "num_facts"      : [50]
, "num_noise"      : [50,500,5000]
, "num_agents"     : [20]
, "agent_per_fact" : [1]
, "num_steps"      : 10000
, "trust_used"     : true
, "trust_filter_on"     : true
, "inbox_trust_sorted" : false
, "competence"     : [0.2,0.4,0.6,0.8,1.0]
, "willingness"    : [0.8,1.0]
, "spamminess"     : [0,0.1]
, "selfishness"    : [0,0.8]
, "num_trials"     : 20
, "graph_description" : [
            { "type": "spatial_random"
            , "radius" : 0.5 } ]
, "agent_setup"    : [
           , [{ "ratio":0.1, "competence":1, "willingness":0.2 },
              { "ratio":0.2, "selfishness":0.4 } ]
           , [{ "ratio":0.2, "competence":1, "selfishness":0.2 }]

In this file, various parameters are being varied for competence, willingness, spamminess and selfishness (a total of 5x2x2x2=40 cases). For each case, a random subset of the agents can have varying characteristics given in the agent_setup parameters. We have three settings in this case, so a total of 120 different tests will be run. Each test will run 10,000 steps and will be repeated for 20 times.

Note that other parameters do not take as input list of values at this point.

The output is also a simplejson file listing results for each of the 120 cases tested here.

Running case by case

It is possible to run a single configuration of agent properties using tester code found in This file shows how to use the simulation package for a specific configuration. For each configuration, a specific set of statistics can be printed. Run this using:


Further configuration of agent cases

The above options do not make it possible to modify various characteristics of the agents, such as initial trust of specific agents. These options are not currently exposed in the simulation module for ease of use. As a result, changing of the simulation code is required for such tests. More detailed information is available in the simulation module found in: